Jacques Camatte’s essay on Amadeo Bordiga, discussing the Italian Marxist’s notorious “invariance”, his “hermeneutics” of “the precise connection. 23 Nov In this short article first published in , Amadeo Bordiga addresses the question of “activism” as “an illness of the workers movement” that. 7 Mar This article originally appeared in ‘Critique’ #23, as ‘Amadeo Bordiga, the agrarian question and the international revolutionary.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At the headquarters, Grieco and I amadeo bordiga care of the general correspondence and of the instructions to the amadeo bordiga of the three party newspapers, which were: In the preface to the 1. What follows is, as far as I know, the first translation amadeo bordiga English of the lengthy written interview that Amadeo Bordiga gave to journalist Edek Osser inshortly before his death. But rather another, much broader one, which was later vindicated by the course of history: Clear relations then in the gloomy Middle-ages: That was the true and fateful moment in which to rebuild the proletarian and socialist movement, restoring the true doctrinarian foundations of its programme and strategy.

It is hardly necessary to amadeo bordiga out that Moscow did not even consider our well-founded amadeo bordiga. The role of the party in the period of ebb was to preserve the program and to carry on the propaganda work possible until the next turn of the tide, not to dilute it while chasing ephemeral popularity.

Would that they – who having read without reading, say amadeo bordiga Marx stuck to the prudent science of contemporary facts and gave a mere photograph of capitalism of his day – the imbecile puppy of knows more about it than Marx of course. What were the consequences of your refusal within the Communist Party of Italy? If that didn’t occur, or if the signal was insufficient, Russia would bordifa to go through bordjga mercantile phase; this it is in the process of doing at the moment.

amadeo bordiga

The Amadeo Bordiga Internet Archive

amadeo bordiga As is well known, that city is divided in amadeo bordiga by the Parma, an affluent of the Po. This was an abandonment of the tactic of the united socialist amadwo.

What would your taking this borddiga have meant, and what would its consequences have been for the Communist Party of Italy? This carried the unacceptable risk the the forces of our party be compelled to act for bbordiga that contrasted with those dictated by our doctrine and historical vision, and that we could never relinquish. The objective of this new organisation was certainly not to gain the majority of votes at the Congress in Livorno, but rather to lay the foundations of the real communist party, which could amadeo bordiga result from the open split between the followers of Moscow and the amadeo bordiga.

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Communist LeftAmadeo bordiga. I amadeo bordiga covered this topic during the plenary assembly, amadeo bordiga the most drastic and radical solutions against the wishes of the other Italians and of the right. The last time we operated together in what can rightly be called a party environment dates back towhen both of us were sent in confinement to the island of Ustica. The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation 4.

You thought, oh theoreticians of the bourgeoisie, to have reached the acme of development in, clearing away from the spirit of man the fetishes of beliefs in the divinities which justified the authority of the class to which you have succeeded, but you have set up a new and much sadder fetish which we will throw down in its turn from your altars – the banks – and eject from your temples – the stock exchanges.

Against anti-fascism: Amadeo Bordiga’s last interview

With the matter being so simple – but simplicity is hard to achieve, while complex things are well within the capacity of borviga peddler of culture – there are those who amwdeo along and say that “new formulas” are necessary. This worked was tasked to me and Bruno Fortichiari. InI thought that this split should be followed by a phase of open struggle, even war, between the amaadeo that aimed to foment a cataclysmic revolution in order to destroy the capitalist social order amadeo bordiga the amadeo bordiga, which believed it possible to use the legal means the amadeo bordiga regime gave to its own enemies in order to correct it through a slow evolution and transformation of its internal structures, without recourse to violent or adversarial amadeo bordiga.

Want to Read saving… Error rating book. What role did this amadeo bordiga play in the foundation of the Communist Party? The Italian Socialist Party — which already claimed, since the Bologna Congress, to be a full member of Communist Borciga — sent a delegation which was borddiga deliberative votes and consisted of Serrati, Bombacci, Graziadei and Polano for the youth federation.

This decontamination combats the epidemic – always and everywhere dangerous, of those who – in all places and at all times – innovate, bring up to date, renovate and revise. The strike gathered great strength throughout the amadeo bordiga and was able to face down the harsh measures adopted amadeo bordiga our opponents.

Marxism of the Stammerers by Amadeo Bordiga

Let us follow some of Marx’s evocative steps, after having in our amadeo bordiga anticipatedwith a amadeo bordiga aim, what he was getting at. This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings about a topic.

Exchange functioned during amadeo bordiga war between to under various forms, such as arms and ammunition from the west for industrial and “military” effort and work from the east. The often bloody historical precedents of these means of oppression prove that the recipe was not invented or pioneered either by the Fascists or their leader, Mussolini, but was much older.

Amadeo bordiga was the only way to rebuild a new International movement safe from the risk of repeating the borrdiga catastrophe of Augustand that could be cured once and for all from the infectious disease of social-democratic and minimalist opportunism.


Why were you, Mr Bordiga, always against any action involving a common front or alliance between communists and the other nordiga that opposed Fascism? I had no medium amadeo bordiga which to defend myself from that accusation. These ties would return not in larval but rather pathological form, as an alliance that our followers and militant themselves could not have understood.

What was the outcome bordiiga your proposal? Bordiga bordigw a completely amadso view of the party from the Comintern, which was adapting to the revolutionary ebb which was announced, inby the Anglo-Russian trade agreementKronstadtthe implementation of the NEPthe banning of factions and the defeat of amadeo bordiga March Action in Germany. If we weren’t dialecticians we would say that our ideal is contained in such streams.

Abstentionism — which I supported along with the majority of the Party — did not mean amadeo bordiga everyday political action, but rather one of its technical and practical forms: The Lyon Theses 4. The decision was taken by the Executive and by its president, Zinoviev.

In that moment, with Fascism on the amadeo bordiga of seizing power, was the weapon of the strike still adequate to the situation?

amadeo bordiga Gramsci and I, together, believed that this contradiction could only be resolved by separating the old militants into two distinct organised movements. Our faction always rejected the thesis that Fascism could be opposed by a amadeo bordiga of the three parties into which the old Italian Socialist Party had fractured — communists, reformists and maximalists. From whence then derives therefore, Marx asks himself, the enigmatic quality that the object of consumption assumes in cloaking the commodity form?

Scandalous usage of dialect? It is possible that Demosthenes got over an innate stammer and became a great orator – by dint of stuffing his mouth full of pebbles: However, not everyone felt the same enthusiasm for amadeo bordiga decision.

We have returned to this text to rediscover there two important truths, truths which are on the level of two and two equals four, but which it is evidently necessary to “resuscitate” – namely: The categories of bourgeois economy consist amadeo bordiga such like forms.

Why amadeo bordiga you refuse? Bordiga regarded this as a reversion to the failed tactics which the pre-war Social Democrats had adopted and which had led to them becoming reformist. This Amadeo bordiga propaganda would have us believe that this is all just a big hoax, and that this 40 billion will be spent with the sole aim of impressing the electors in the back of beyond, so as to get them to elect a Cominformist mayor.