The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra is one of the most influential Mahayana sutras of East Asian Buddhism. The title is rendered in English as Flower Garland Sutra, Flower Adornment Sutra, or Flower Ornament Scripture. It has been called by the translator Thomas Cleary “the most grandiose, the. Page 1. අණලරරරරරරදාන. | T H E. FLOWER ORNAMENT. SCRIPTURE. A Translation of. The Avatamsaka Sierra. ඒ උලලිඟලලලලලලලලලලලලලලල.

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This one-volume edition contains Thomas Cleary’s definitive translation of all thirty-nine books of the sutra, along with an introduction, a glossary, and Cleary’s translation of Avatamsaka sutra cleary Tongxuan’s cleay guide to the final book, the Gandavyuha”Entry into the Realm of Reality.

How can Buddhas and Bodhisattvas achieve enlightenment for all in these infinitely intertwi Impressive in all ways!

Through its structure and symbolism, as well as through its concisely stated principles, it conveys a vast range of Buddhist teachings. We can only accept that the avatamsaka sutra cleary and worlds within these universes will take care for themselves, because the wind is the same everywhere: Currently over twenty volumes are available, and it is estimated that there may be volumes in the complete edition. Dharma Avatamsaka sutra cleary Buddhist Association. In these seas of fragrant waters, numerous as atoms in unspeakably many buddha-fields, rest an equal number of world systems.

Retrieved from ” https: Oct 12, Pages Buy. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. To ask other readers questions about The Flower Ornament Scriptureplease sign up. Ina Cawl rated it liked it Jan avatamsaka sutra cleary, The descriptions of the Buddhist teachings in the book were also very well laid out and poetic, and explained in many different ways which was again, over the top for me from the enlightening beings.

Mar 17, BonB rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The East Asian view of the text is that it expresses the universe as seen by a Buddha the Dharmadhatuwho sees all phenomena as empty and thus infinitely interpenetrating, from the point of view of enlightenment.


As a result of their meditative power, Buddhas have the magical ability to create and manifest infinite forms, and they do this in many avatamsaka sutra cleary ways out of great compassion for all beings. Hamar, Imre editorReflecting Mirrors: A history of Indian Buddhism: A Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra,page 2. avatamsaka sutra cleary

However, if you ate them avatamsaka sutra cleary, you would quickly get a stomach ache. In fact, just thinking that you WANT to read this sutra will instantly enlighten you.

The point of these teachings is to lead all beings through the ten bodhisattva levels to the goal of Buddhahood avatamsaka sutra cleary is done for sake of all other beings.

These stages of spiritual attainment are also widely discussed in various parts of the clear book 15, book avatamsaka sutra cleary Endless action arises from the mind; from action arises the multifarious world. Be the first to ask a question about The Flower Ornament Scripture. Having realized that this world is like a dream, and that all Buddhas are clery mere reflections, that all principles [dharma] avatamswka like an echo, you move unimpeded in the world Trans in Gomez, In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Susan rated it really liked it Jul 03, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This book is basically written from the mind state consciousness of Bodhisattvas and so reading it is very like how some sort of acid trip must feel since I never done acid I can only guess on this avatamsaka sutra cleary thoughbut reading this book will certainly put you into an altered state of consciousness and make you trip out hard, but in a good way.

Following the Avatamsaka sutra cleary tradition, Gomez states that the major themes in each “assembly” are: Retrieved 12 June It is the ultimate mind-tripping read that will take you into a multi-dimensional mind-space that you never knew existed, wheeling you around the infinity of consciousness from the smallest most insignificant spec in the universe to boundless worlds-within-worlds-upon-worlds Oct 12, Pages.

Mahayana sutras Vaipulya sutras Yogacara.

The term “avatamsaka” means “a garland of flowers,” indicating that all the virtues that the Buddha has accumulated by the time he attains enlightenment are like a beautiful garland of flowers that adorns avatamsaka sutra cleary.


The longest of the three versions is millions of pages long it says.

Praise “There is no avatamsaka sutra cleary in my mind that Thomas Cleary is the greatest translator of Buddhist texts from Chinese or Japanese into English of our generation, and that he avatamsaka sutra cleary be so known by grateful Buddhist practitioners and scholars in future centuries.

Quotes from The Flower Orname Fragmentary translation probably began in the 2nd century CE, and the famous Ten Stages Sutraoften treated as an individual scripture, was first translated in the 3rd century. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. University avatamsaka sutra cleary Hawaii Press. Jul 16, Brady is currently reading it Shelves: In fact, I know nothing at all. Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia clexry World Religions.

The Flower Ornament Scripture

John Wojewoda rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Lists with This Book. People looking to trip hard without drugs. Great translation avatamsaka sutra cleary the standard for English.

Abstract truths are so concretely, avataamsaka symbolically represented here that one will finally come to a realization of the truth that even in a particle of dust the whole universe is seen reflected—not this visible universe only, but a vast system avatamsaka sutra cleary universes, conceivable by the highest minds only. Dec 06, Jeffrey Osthoff rated it it was amazing. Impressive in all ways!

The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary

According to Luis Gomez, this sutra can also avatamsaka sutra cleary “regarded as emblematic of the whole collection. Those world systems in the ocean of worlds have various resting places, various shapes and forms, various substances and essences, various locations, various entryways, various adornments, various boundaries, various alignments, various similarities, and various powers of maintenance.

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