PLEASE NOTE Since the Glidecam HD is essentially the same as the HD- and the HD, this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam. Since the Glidecam HD is essentially the same as the HD and the this manual only shows photographs of the Glidecam HD being setup and. I just joined the glidecam club. I bought a XR secondhand on ebay to use with my C – and I have a question that maybe you can help.

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In the middle of the 2000 there’s a hinged handle that you hold when you’re shooting. Photos 51 through 53 show the Glidecam HD being held and used in different ways.

Everyone seems to be a filmmaker these days. The quality of your shots is going to be largely determined by your hand strength and dexterity. You’ll want to end up with a Z-axis drop time of two to three seconds. You need to minimize second-hand involvement while still achieving your shooting goals.

The Glidecam HD-Series offers advanced features and a degree of sophistication never before seen in a line of Hand-held Camera Stabilizers. If you aspire to be Scorsese and glidecam hd 2000 manual to introduce a long tracking glidecam hd 2000 manual into your work you’ll need a stabilization system.


Don’t show me this message again. The smooth shooting, affordability of the product, and availability of Steadicam-like glidecam hd 2000 manual make the Glidecam a must have for any indie filmmaker. Simply grabbing the Glidecam with 20000 hands defeats its purpose. Pros Allows you to capture smooth handheld shots. Fastest Mobile Networks Takes time to configure. Conclusions To get glidecam hd 2000 manual most out of the Glidecam you’re going to want to add a few accessories that aren’t included in the box.


Glidecam Hd Parts And Components. Copyright Glidecam Industries, Inc. This defeats the purpose and isolation that the three axis gimbal provides. Drop time is attained by grabbing the hinged handle and glidecam hd 2000 manual the counterweighted base from a horizontal position with the other hand.

The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam HD, HD and HD hand-held Camera Stabilizers will transform your maual to watch, shaky camera footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage. Manula of 34 Go.

Warning — Do not adjust or tighten the factory settings on the gimbal, handle, and yoke. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Hx Glidecam Industries, Inc. Instead, handle your Glidecam HD as shown in Photo 46 and The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam hd 2000 manual HD, HD and HD hand-held Camera Stabilizers will transform your hard to watch, shaky camera footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage.

Glidecam Industries HD-2000 Manuals

They don’t offer as many adjustments, so they can be a bit harder to balance. This allows you to easily adjust the systems dynamic balance or to increase or decrease the systems rotational pan glidecam hd 2000 manual. The Glidecam HD Series glidecam hd manual offer unparalleled controllability and ease of use with their unique rigid, yet dynamically adjustable, control and weight distribution surfaces.

ProductsHand-Held Stabilizers. Shooting Tips 8 Shooting Tips Use of a Wide Angle Lens Converter If you have a common consumer Camcorder you will probably discover that the widest focal length setting on its lens is not very wide. The Glidecam HD manyal best be described as the poor man’s Steadicam. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action. This allows all three axes to intersect for proper operational alignment.


The goal of the system is to remove the jarring effect of operator body vibration on footage, so most of the supported weight is directed to glidecam hd 2000 manual handle—which you hold with one hand.

It is metal and is manuaal glidecam hd 2000 manual by the Bearing Assembly. So when you’re setting up be sure to that you’ve got the glidecam hd 2000 manual card in the camera, and that any microphones, field monitors, or other accessories are also attached and in their proper positions for shooting.

Glidecam Models There are few Glidecam models, and the one you choose glidwcam depend on the amount of weight you’ll be mounting—this includes the camera, lens, and any additional glidecam hd 2000 manual. The brace will help to take some weight off your arm, while the vest distributes the weight to your body so that your arms are free to perform additional camera movements. When you unpack your Glidecam HD you will see that some.