PDF manuals are eady to download and display on any device: MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English. You are here: Home · Weighing technics; DK MESOMATIC GmbH & Co. KG Automation und Messtechnik Gmünder Str. D Schorndorf. MESOMATIC provides a complete range of measurement devices for load cells and much more. Please be patient until Wägeterminal DK · Product details .

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Please take care, that the substitutional resistor of all pull-ups including those at the ends of the cable should not be below 1kOhm. If the over-full output is configured as an inverted output, it will also serve as a malfunction-warning output as the mesomatic dk800 manual are switched off when errors are reported or if the Watch-dog monitoring circuit is set off and the over-full output thus signals an error.

If the load on the weigher increases, the voltage rises to positive values, and to negative values, when the load on it is reduced. This, for instance, mesomatic dk800 manual the unit to wait for the air to settle out after mesomatic dk800 manual weigher has been closed.

MESOMATIC DK User manual download

Reading unit configuration For the data to be read into the DK, Switch 2 in the switch block on the rear of the unit must be in the downward position as well as Switch 1. If the serial number is read after the print event, the readed is by the value of 1 greater than the printed dl800. The display shows a 4-figure value. Number of manuaal Arrangement of analogue inputs A. The, maybe mesomatic dk800 manual could publish mesomatic dk800 manual screenshot of your hardwareconfiguration?

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Otherwise the connection or the direction of installation of the mesomatic dk800 manual sensor must be changed. Actual value registration The following settings can be selected with Fct.


R E G Wait time before mesomatic dk800 manual s 3. If the test stop input is mesomatic dk800 manual then, the dosing process continues as usual. At the end of the period the average value is formed and stored as zero point of the weigher. The pin-numbers of plug X4 in Fig. The timing of the auto-calibration can also be affected by serial commands see part 3, programmers manual.

Mesomatic DK on Profibus – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Measurement transmitter and analogue inputs X2 The X2 connector is fitted in the DK as a pole female mesomatc, to which the following are connected: Additions to the instruction manual 1. After the new Profibus address has been entered, the DK logs off from the Profibus and attempts to contact the Profibus Master using the new Profibus address. If the automatic zero-setting or the zero-offset facility is switched on, the standstill range should not be set mesomatic dk800 manual large in order to prevent a zero setting or offset reliably when there is motion in the weigher.

The zero memory can mesomatic dk800 manual cleared by using the fct. J 2 14 A9 digital outputs A1 A10 A2 standard: Fct displayed Description DimenSection no.


Number of average cycles for analogue output If the zero-point or the end-of-scale-point will be calibrated, the data of linearity-correction will be erased automatically. Reconciling differences can be done as follows: Correction point input enable 2. Actual value quick check Release zero mannual facility The mesomatic dk800 manual characteristic is suitable in those dosing-units using motor speed control.

The amplification factor can be entered in the range from 0, to 1, with Fct. Reading the printout serial number The the no.

The bridge diagonal mamual in a load cell on DMS basis is normally 0V when the load cell is not bearing any load. If this is not the case, there will be no access to these functions. DK receives the command or data. This also applies if the analogue output is not physically present as hardware.

The direction of the overload limit value mesomatic dk800 manual inverted, if e. If this function occurs with a figure value of10V 20mA will be issued and the low-order decimal digit will mesomatic dk800 manual.

Threshold level for limit switch The threshold level for the limit switch output A9 is transmitted in the following format: