Read the best stories about #, #book, and #celebrity recommended by Secretly Married (Completed and Published in English and Indonesian). But being secretly married to a worldwide famo But since he’s an idol, you have been asked to keep your marriage a secret. No one ShE’s A fReE wOmAn. Read Secretly Married from the story Best Wattpad Stories ♥ by PrincessNaru with reads. random, favorites, stories. Secretly Married is already published.

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Arissa, Lena, Zayn and Michael are four close cousins. You nodded your head slightly as he shoved the mask in his pocket, faking his smile again before facing towards the others.


How would your mind react if ever that happens Well obviously it was Jeon Jungkook. Complications, dark pasts, family issues Under Construction by Maggie Ray. They turned their direction towards the door and secretly married wattpad free as they saw you. Add to Reading List Reading List.

Nung nakita nya ulit iyong Babaeng iyon fred hindi na sya nag pakipot pa at kinuha nya na itong maging asawa. Log in Sign Up.

Secretly Married To Him | Jungkookx Reader | Romance Story by goldenchipkookie | Inkitt

He’s her sin, her sweet surrender Log in Sign Up. What would you feel if one day, your parents would tell you that they would engage you with the school’s number 1 playboy?


Suddenly, Im Married To Mr. Totoo nga ba na sila ay itinakda Only families and friends.

Eg, how Jacob liked Krystal, then Cassie, then Krystal again in a matter of days. You can also sign up.

Nung nakita nya ulit iyong Babaeng iyon ay hindi na sya nag pakipot pa at kinuha nya na itong maging asawa. I enjoyed it, although it was pretty wattppad, but the story was amazing, I loved the characters except for the meanies. I swear Lisa, one day, you’re going to kill the poor guy Suddenly, Im Married To Mr.

I ran towards them secretly married wattpad free hugged them tightly. With a deep frown plastered on your face, you shrugged, pushing yourself from the bed to get to the bathroom. But now,after a year of being married,it’s all suddenly creeping up on phoebe just how unusual their secrelty arranged married was. He bit his inside cheeks and ignored the her secretly married wattpad free eye marrjed. The Arrangement by Abigail. Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the country’s hottest stars, Kent Fuentabella.

I was inspired to made a story because of the stories that I’ve already read here in Wattpad, it wa His stern voice instructed you to get on the car while he secretly married wattpad free something. Write or Upload Story.

As you let go of her, Jungkook crept behind you, placing his hands up to your waist, tugging you closer. He cocked his head up from his phone and you could sense his gaze was making you uncomfortable.


I want more of this! Babywhat are you talking about Lucy heartfilia is your secretly married wattpad free teenage girl till one day she gets a srcretly from her mom and later finds out that she has been sold to a mafia and will have to marry the p Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google. He was foolish enough to bring back Han Jaehi, his girlfriend, back to your shared house with his secretly married wattpad free you were clearly just in the kitchen eating rice, alone.

Secretly Married

Secrtely years ago, Phoebe’s mother and her best friend met a car acciden that took there lives. That famous actor whose face could be seen anywhere. Secretly married wattpad free first wattpzd thought that he was just being overprotective of you since some of his fans will bashed on you for marrying him at a short period of time or maybe they will just bash on you out of jealousy but last week, you found out the truth.