Viral Loop has ratings and 91 reviews. Robert said: My initial thinking was that this book would provide reasons for the viral spread of something. R. 11 Feb The Viral Loop talks about companies which have reached massive scale in few years without blowing millions due to the viral nature of their. Followup to Ning’s Viral Loop article. I was recently sent a copy of Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg, which just came out. I was first introduced to Adam in early.

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Viral Loop

I found that disconcerting, a bit more playful than expected. Some folks will do that, sure, but few of us will.

I really liked this book! People who spend the vifal amount of time viral loop adam penenberg are the least likely to click on an ad. After all, what’s the sense of being on Facebook if none of your friends are? The most interesting example was taking the viral story back to Tupperware, partly because that story is not as oft told as, say Facebook.

My favorite chapter w Useful and interesting book about online businesses that have exploded in growth at an exponential rate. Mostly concentrates on web 2.

Successful viral expansion loop businesses contain the following properties:. The book basically says that the network effect is good. In its earliest form, it was used by Tupperware to sell products, or people creating chain letters. Conclusion Creating a business or a marketing strategy that goes viral is an extremely difficult task. By the end of viral loop adam penenberg, 1M people had downloaded Mosaic, with 6M total users and websites.

Book Notes — Viral Loop by Adam L. Penenberg – Soumitra Sengupta – Medium

But unfortunately the book wasn’t any good atleast to meexcept few viral loop adam penenberg the stories like that of Tupperwareothers couldn’t make stick to the book. The book provides some interesting insight into many of the products and services we know well, such as Netscape and EBay, that have grow from humble beginnings into multi billion dollar businesses. The author has neatly arranged various viral trends in the following groupings: Well, Viral loop adam penenberg was hoping for more It was also interesting to see how humans have adopted these new technologies so fast, but then if something goes wrong, they quickly flock to the next new thing.


One which will engage social media users who are constantly online and are saturated looking at banner ads. He suggested that the put a message at the bottom of every email sent through Hotmail that said: If I had more time, I’d try to create my own list gleaned from these stories. The math suggests that as soon as you go viral loop adam penenberg a co-efficient less than 1 to a co-efficient greater than one, your growth moves from linear to exponential. If you want an answer to that question, getAbstract recommends Adam L.

Jan 28, Richard Sparks rated it liked it. Growth immediately shot through the roof, and within six months they had a million users signed up to the service. Seeing it on my library’s online catalog, it looked a lot like a guide to growing your viral loop adam penenberg. People were signing up for Hotmail, but not at the rate they had hoped.

Companies like Ebay on the other hand realized penenbeg importance of scaling with the right infrastructure and employed the right people to help them.

Viral Loop by Adam L. Penenberg

Fifth, there is built-in virality. This book introduced the evolution of our business model from traditional door to door selling to the explosive viral loop. This is an era of commercial battles all lies on line. I viral loop adam penenberg know a lot about some of the fastest growing and most successful business in the world from Tupperware to Facebook and lots in between, but not exactly how those businesses grew themselves besides having a great idea that they luckily figured out how to spread the word about themselves and then sold for millions viral loop adam penenberg dollars to AOL, Google, Yahoo etc Anyone in business and marketing should read or listen to this book, but it’s not as useful for business owners looking for some how to’s or how others did it.


So the first lesson and only lesson in viral marketing is to have your users do the marketing for you, whenever you can.

Viral growth does not always translate into exponential growth and walking viral loop adam penenberg the bank in a couple of years. The narrative doesn’t flow too well either. If you like web video or pictures, the story of the creation of Youtube and Flickr is written into this book. This saved them from major downtimes and bad user experience due to sluggish server responses and eventually reach millions in user base. I was looking to viral loop adam penenberg step by step insights in how to dupl Well, I was hoping for more Otherwise, they have a difficult time making money and a lot of their valuations are based solely on their user base.

However, the book does demonstrate how very simply ideas, with virtually no formal marketing or advertising can grow astronomically with no investment except for networking people. Viral loop adam penenberg has selling plastic containers since by employing a viral loop. Or perhaps some other reader has already done that.

This book doesn’t know what it viral loop adam penenberg to be. All this was done using arcane commands on a terminal window. The test of this kind of business book is if it leaves you with something actionable or makes you think of new ways to operate your business given the author’s context.

Published November 25th by Hyperion Books first published October 1st In this game-changing must-read, Penenberg tells the fascinating story of the entrepreneurs who first harnessed the unprecedented potential of viral loops to create the successful online businesses–some worth billions of dollars–that we have all grown to rely on.

Viral loop adam penenberg, they use a simple concept that is easy to use.