Homer`s Zija Compensation Plan. advertisement. Moringa Life Drinkers LLC. By Homer Krehbiel Terms that will help you understand how compensation is.

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Sharing the NuCerity products is the key to your success with NuCerity. RULES This version of this customer initiative and its rules and regulations are valid in all countries. For this reason, we have invested considerable time and money in developing a compensation plan that gives.

He is married and has a daughter 16, son 3 and a baby girl 21 mths. Earn extra money to pay for things like vacations or hobbies.

Zija Rewards Points expire 13 Periods days after they are earned. Welcome to It Works! Your First 30 Days The plan rewards distributors for selling.

Team Development Bonus Immediate 4. Earnings from the Zija Compensation Plan solely depend on sales and each Distributor s skill, ability, and personal application. The purpose of life is to be happy. For Team Commissions to be paid in subsequent Cycles, there must be a minimum of accumulated Commissionable Volume in your Lesser Leg.

A Distributor must agree and adhere to the Zija Policies and Procedures. The plan rewards distributors for selling More information. Our mission is to spread both joy and success through.

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Your income More information. Each Leg may have Volume that occurs in the Downline of that Leg. Zija provides several unique ways to earn income and rewards, including: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Compensation Plan version 6. There are 28 days in a Period and 13 Periods in a calendar year. Why is Young Living making changes to the compensation plan? This is determined by your Personal Enrollment Comlensation.

This bonus is paid weekly, based on your earned portion of the Pool. Enroll in the Automatic Delivery. Zija makes it easy for customers to purchase our products directly from a Plzn Independent Distributor, online, or over the phone from Zija Customer Service. I find the idea of autoship and millions of ranks a real turnoff.

You will then be compensated based on successfully building two Legs of your own. A weekly call session Dr Joshua Plant, Ph.

As a Sponsor, every time a personally Enrolled Distributor achieves a new rank within 28 days of enrolment, you earn a bonus depending on this new rank. Are you a copensation Zija Distributor? Compenstion me a pln and I can show you a great way to increase your marketing budget.

This is intended to promote advancement in Rank in the Zija Compensation Plan.


Since this translates into improving people s More information. You and your Personally Enrolled must be a minimum 75 PV or better to qualify for zja initiative.

Enrollment kit purchases and any other initial purchases do not qualify for Zija Rewards Points. To empower people to build a legacy More information.


Each Leg can contribute only one 1 Builder toward your Rank advancements. Gold Generation Bonus More information. The point percentage value earned is based on the following table, which looks at how many consecutive Periods the customer has purchased at least 40 or 75 Personal Volume PV depending on his or her country s PV minimum. The Volume in each Leg will probably be different.


Team Commissions – Zija Compensation Plan on Vimeo

For years we tried to help people improve their. The company mentioned in this review has their own Income Disclaimer and must also be read before deciding to join.

Personal Enrollment Tree Bonus Residual 6. L t Attract other people who are looking to do.